The truth takes time.

Spirited, artistic thirteen-year-old Lydia Cavert lived a happy life with her family in London until war broke out. Evacuated from London in 1940, she’s sent to Laurelhurst Manor, her father’s family estate with her Uncle Alistair. Upon arrival, she’s enrolled in Mount Carmel College for Young Women.

But Laurelhurst Manor harbors secrets. And secrets have a way of surfacing. One secret is so sinister that Alistair Cavert and his friend, Dr. Horace Goodall will stop at almost nothing to keep it buried.

Childhood memories surface like shards for Lydia as she returns to Laurelhurst. It’s a perilous game of cat-and-mouse for her as she tries to put the pieces together in time.

All the while, Lydia faces mean cliques, night terrors, and loss as the war wages on around her. Set against the backdrop of the Homefront in Britain during the Second World War, Lydia must navigate treacherous waters that will question her sanity and courage.

Will Lydia have the courage to face her fears and summon the truth before other forces wish to bury her or will she be another one of Laurelhurst’s secrets?

Night and Day is a tale of courage, hope, and determination in the midst of fear. Readers of Night and Day compare its excellent storytelling, moving characters, and compelling dialogue to Jane Eyre, The Secret Garden, and Silas Marner. In the midst of chaos and despair, light and love always find a way.

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