The truth takes time.

Spirited, artistic thirteen-year-old Lydia Cavert lives a happy life with her family in London until war breaks out. Evacuated from London in 1940, her parents send her to Laurelhurst Manor in Lancashire to live with her Uncle Alistair. Upon arrival, she enrolls at Mount Carmel College for Young Women near Clitheroe.

Laurelhurst Manor, her father’s favorite childhood memory, harbors sinister secrets. Childhood memories surface like shards for Lydia upon her return. Memories she thought she’d forget. Confident that Lydia can place her uncle and his physician friend Dr. Horace Goodall in a conspiracy to commit murder,  Lydie risks her health and sanity to expose the truth. It’s a perilous game of cat-and-mouse for Lydia as she tries to put the pieces together in time before her uncle and Dr. Goodall attempt to silence her.

Set against the backdrop of the Homefront in Britain during World War II, Lydia must navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence in the midst of change and perhaps a bit of romance along the way, Lydia is aided long-time servant Francis, her elder brother Edward, and Chief Inspector Moran in her quest for justice and the truth.