Behind the Scenes: Inspiration for Night and Day

I began drafting Night and Day in November of 2013.  I sustained neck and back injuries from a car accident in July of that year. I was already weakened the day of my accident from low potassium and dehydration from a bad stomach virus I probably caught at work.

The physical and emotional effects of the accident left me with plenty of down time. I was in a lot of pain, and I needed a way to help my mind heal. During that time I went through some moments of weakness and doubt. I had nightmares that would not let me sleep at night. Old fears and worries welled to the surface. I needed a way to express these emotions, and I found writing helped me.

By creating a fictional tale set in another era, I was able to express some of those emotions in their rawest form.  We all go through periods of doubt, loss, worry, fear, and anger. We all feel frustration, stagnation, and impatience.  We all go through times in our lives that sometimes leave us questioning and feeling bereft. We often question where is the light and hope in dark times like these. A central theme in Night and Day is how do we keep light and hope during the midst of darkness and despair. Additional themes are how do we forgive others that cause us immense pain and how do we forgive ourselves from past regrets.

The content of Night and Day can be a bit disturbing. It shines the light on things we don’t want to see. Things that I wish we didn’t have to see.  Told through a young girl retracing memories through nightmares and images, it tells what survivors of trauma and abuse may feel.

Writing Night and Day allowed me to summon the courage and strength to continue to fight. We face trials and battles and we’re weary. Writing gives me strength and a place to make sense of it all in such dark times like these. It is a way of healing for me.

I believe the creative arts are a great tool for healing for those that have suffered trauma and abuse. The creative arts can play a pivotal role in expressing the rollercoaster of emotions that trauma patients feel. It’s just one tool, however, because we all heal differently and come from many different circumstances and backgrounds.

The world may seem dark but each of our individual lights can help make it a brighter place. Together we are greater than our fears, and we can overcome the darkness.

May grace, peace, and light be with you.


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