Night and Day (The Laurelhurst Chronicles Book 1) is on Goodreads!

I’m so excited to share with you that Night and Day is now on Goodreads and has its first five-star review! I’m also excited to share that as an author,  I’m participating in the Ask the Author program on Goodreads. Have a question about character backgrounds, plot questions,  or how I write? Fire away! I will try to update my answers weekly. 

Also, if you have read my work, please leave me an honest review so other readers can discover my work.  I would greatly appreciate it! Feel free to connect with me on Goodreads! 

You can locate Night and Day on Goodreads here:

Night and Day (The Laurelhurst Chronicles Book 1)

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Behind the Scenes: Inspiration for Night and Day

I began drafting Night and Day in November of 2013.  I sustained neck and back injuries from a car accident in July of that year. I was already weakened the day of my accident from low potassium and dehydration from a bad stomach virus I probably caught at work.

The physical and emotional effects of the accident left me with plenty of down time. I was in a lot of pain, and I needed a way to help my mind heal. During that time I went through some moments of weakness and doubt. I had nightmares that would not let me sleep at night. Old fears and worries welled to the surface. I needed a way to express these emotions, and I found writing helped me.

By creating a fictional tale set in another era, I was able to express some of those emotions in their rawest form.  We all go through periods of doubt, loss, worry, fear, and anger. We all feel frustration, stagnation, and impatience.  We all go through times in our lives that sometimes leave us questioning and feeling bereft. We often question where is the light and hope in dark times like these. A central theme in Night and Day is how do we keep light and hope during the midst of darkness and despair. Additional themes are how do we forgive others that cause us immense pain and how do we forgive ourselves from past regrets.

The content of Night and Day can be a bit disturbing. It shines the light on things we don’t want to see. Things that I wish we didn’t have to see.  Told through a young girl retracing memories through nightmares and images, it tells what survivors of trauma and abuse may feel.

Writing Night and Day allowed me to summon the courage and strength to continue to fight. We face trials and battles and we’re weary. Writing gives me strength and a place to make sense of it all in such dark times like these. It is a way of healing for me.

I believe the creative arts are a great tool for healing for those that have suffered trauma and abuse. The creative arts can play a pivotal role in expressing the rollercoaster of emotions that trauma patients feel. It’s just one tool, however, because we all heal differently and come from many different circumstances and backgrounds.

The world may seem dark but each of our individual lights can help make it a brighter place. Together we are greater than our fears, and we can overcome the darkness.

May grace, peace, and light be with you.


Freebie Friday Giveaway!

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Night and Day is available on Amazon Kindle!

You can now preview and purchase your copy of Night and Day through Amazon Kindle! Just go to the Night and Day tab on my page and you can start reading! Amazon gives you the option of one-stop shopping where you can purchase and download your copy to your kindle device or kindle app.




2o16 was a banner year full of new beginnings for my writing career. It saw the launch of the Laurelhurst Chronicles on Channillo, entries into literary competitions, and new connections and friends within the writing/publishing industry.

A new year dawns tomorrow and with it a new year of beginnings and uncertainty. Some very positive changes are evolving and I can’t wait to share them with you. I will soon be offering a Q&A section where you can ask me anything. I get a lot of questions regarding writing and inspiration when I speak to people. My resolve is for you on this page to peek behind the screen, if you will, and get to see the behind the scenes on how the magic happens. You’ll also get to see some of my frustrations. Vulnerability is a scary thing for many of us, yet it’s that vulnerability, that inner core of us that make us unique and who we are. It is that gift that we can share to the world. Our stories and circumstances give the opportunity for us to connect with others who may need to hear what we have to say. It is why I am a writer and I connect and support other creative artists in various mediums.

The second thing in the works is an email newsletter for you to keep you updated.

I can’t unveil the biggest change coming but I can promise you that for the people that have given me feedback on my work, I have listened. A new adventure and journey is going to begin this year. I thank you so much for continuing to give me your heartfelt feedback on my work. I will be updating this news more as it transpires.

I wish you a very happy and safe 2017. I realize that for many this coming year will be filled with uncertainty. I wish you love, peace, joy, hope, and courage to be the wondrous person that you are.






Fall writing projects

November seems to be a popular month for writing contests. I recently submitted a short piece of fiction for The Master’s Review Fall Fiction Contest. Getting outside of the historical fiction world for a while and just let my mind discombobulate is always rewarding. The fifteen finalists are announced in December and winners announced in January. Here’s hoping that I make the cut!

If you are an emerging writer, go to The  Master Review’s website,,  to find out about their contests and submission policy.

The binding force of food

Chris Cleave recently released his new novel Everyone Brave Is Forgiven, set in Second World War London and North Africa. Chris describe how he researched his novel, and one of the things that I noted is that he ate the rations diet of that time period to help get into the mindset of his characters. This is something I follow quite well.

Writing a novel requires you to wear many hats. You’re part character, part director, part audience. The best writing evokes all five senses. As a historical fiction author, I like to recreate dishes from period to truly give a sense of what characters are tasting, feeling, thinking. You can discover many things about a place from its food.  Every facet of its history and culture are represented through food. Indeed, food has played such a  pivotal role in history as items such as salt and chocolate have been used as currency.

Food is sustenance. It is fuel. It is comfort. It’s medicinal. Holistic . Spiritual.  It is the thing that unites us, binds us. Our races, creeds, and politics may disagree, but our love of food unites us. It is a reason why we break bread with each other. Certain foods transcend cultures: pizza, dumplings, pasta,  barbeque, sandwiches, and bacon. If the latest social media trends are correct, we all love tacos.

Our memories often tie back to three senses: taste, smell, and sound. You  may not be able to remember what you saw yesterday, but you can remember what scent your mother wore. A waft of something reminds you grandmother’s kitchen.  A bowl of chicken soup in various forms (matzo ball soup, chicken noodle, ramen noodle, etc) all provide us comfort. The tastes of childhood can calm you or make you smile on your roughest of days. We’re all still trying to figure out this thing called Adulthood.

I will be releasing my foray into recreating the dishes from the second world war and beyond for my series The Laurelhurst Chronicles. From the rustic dishes such as the Lancashire Hot Pot and various dishes popular in wartime Britain to the foods of the Automats and Luncheonettes and beyond of New York City, each recipe will be tested and noted here on this blog.

The food of that younger time was local and fresh. It is the kind of food that comprises the current farm to table movement.  People ate what they grew. They ate what they could afford with their ration books. Fast food did not exist, and neither did large grocery stores. Wasting food was a possible  criminal offense in wartime Britain.  People got creative, but they still enjoyed food. Food united them.

If you have a dish that you would like to resurrect from the second world war through the mid 60’s,  please feel free to email me at I would really love to hear from you.