There’s magic when you open a book. A key to a new realm just waiting to be explored. Unlock the mystery behind Laurelhurst’s gates as you travel with Lydie and Edward to Laurelhurst and beyond in The Laurelhurst Chronicles saga.

The final chapter of the Laurelhurst Saga. Now out in ebook format. Paperback coming in May 2021
The pentultimate chapter in the Laurelhurst saga. set in the changing times of the 1960s. Will Lydie and Edward restore their severed relationship?
“Meticulously researched and populated with characters that are real and relatable.” — Amazon and Goodreads review
An old family legend and other secrets threaten to tear siblings Lydie and Edward apart.
“The combination of superstition together with a psychological cat and mouse game between several of the main characters kept me wanting to know more. I look forward to reading the next in the series. A great read.  — USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Guaci.
Historical romance in 1940s Post-war New York. Lydie falls in love with Edward’s colleague and best friend, Henry. Will they make it to the alter?
“I love it when characters have their flaws and backstories, and Ms. Butler is certainly a master of characterization and demonstrating how they can grow and change before the reader’s eyes.” — USA Today Bestselling author Ellie Midwood

The book that started it all. Gothic fiction set during the Second World War. Can Lydie escape the sinister plans of her uncle and his cronies, or will she too become one of Laurelhurst’s secrets? For fans of The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, Jamaica Inn, and Silas Marner.